The mission of the Asian American CV19 Archive Project is to document and keep a historical record of bias, xenophobia, displacement, and injustice, against the Asian American and Asian community during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to share that data with all communities via open source technologies, where no single entity or individual owns the historical archive, helping to ensure that it can never be erased. Please see the About section for more information on data sharing via GitHub. Last Update: 6/8/2020.

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Title And Live LinkImageArticle DateSiteArchived Data
Asian-Americans in Seattle face racist stigma, vandalismJun 02 2020q13fox.comHTML | PDF
Website launched to track, report COVID-19 related attacks against Asian-CanadiansMay 31 2020www.rappler.comHTML | PDF
'A flood of tips' led Seattle police to identify a man suspected of hate crimes targeting AsiansMay 29 2020insurancenewsnet.comHTML | PDF
Facing blame for virus, Asian-Americans fight backMay 29 | PDF
Pompeo says Trump to act on Chinese studentsMay 29 2020www.france24.comHTML | PDF
Suspect arrested in Seattle-area hate crime may have history of bias attacks against AsiansMay 29 2020asamnews.comHTML | PDF
The “Chinese Virus” SlurMay 29 2020flaglerlive.comHTML | PDF
Fighting 'the essence of scapegoating': Facing racist violence during COVID-19, Chinese ...May 28 2020www.thestar.comHTML | PDF
California woman arrested after taping 'go back to your land' to Asian American neighbors' doorsMay 27 2020www.alternet.orgHTML | PDF
Coronavirus: What attacks on Asians reveal about American identityMay 27 | PDF